Premium gifts that boost your profits

Choose from a variety of innovative gifts that fit your customers’ lifestyle. Find out how you can enhance your product range with our premium gifts that have established market demand.

High Profit Margins

Quality Assurance

Low Minimum Order Quantity

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High profit margins

We source for premium gifts globally and establish strategic partnerships with suppliers who are able to give us the best prices. These savings are passed on to you so that you can boost your profit margin when you sell our premium gifts as a reseller in Singapore.

Quality assurance

With our in-house quality control teams working hard on product inspections, we ensure that the quality of our premium gifts is consistent. This is achieved through our stringent adherence to international AQL quality standards.

Low minimum order quantity

Ever had your eye on a premium gift, but didn’t order it because the minimum order quantity was just too high? We’re different – we can cater to lower order quantities, simply because we have ready stock of premium gifts that are of retail quality. We can also turn these premium gifts into customized corporate gifts if your company requires a corporate gift supplier in Singapore.

Ready stock

With a ready stock of premium gifts at our local warehouse, enjoy a fast turnaround time when you order our premium gifts in Singapore. Whether you are a reseller in Singapore or are looking for a coporate gift supplier to buy premium corporate gifts in Singapore, enjoy on-time shipment to capture more sales and grow your customer base.

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Premium gifts that differentiate your business

Why engage in meaningless price wars by selling products that are commonly found on the marketplace?

As a reseller in Singapore, select from our wide range of distinctive premium gifts that have proven market demand through their crowdfunding success. It’s the ideal solution for product resellers who want unique – yet inexpensive premium gifts to differentiate their brand.

Product Highlights

Endlessly reusable, digital-physical notebooks synced with countless cloud-connected services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive & Email. Organise notes on-the-go with the speedy RocketBook mobile app in Singapore.

A functional travel duffle bag with triple anti-theft security features, the FlexPack GO is designed to combine security, storage, convenience & style. Its minimalist exterior makes it perfect as a business gift in Singapore.

que bottles are collapsible and 100% BPA free silicone travel water bottles. Its unique spiral design allows it to expand or shrink, making it lightweight, durable & stylish. Choose from over 10 colours available when you buy a que bottle in Singapore.

The ultimate organizing solution from LHiDs, the MagEasy Board & MagEasy Folio boosts work productivity as innovative organizing solutions. Order the World’s First Awad-Winning Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit as a customized corporate gift today.

TIC Travel Bottles are lightweight, portable liquid dispensers that are easy-to-use, leakproof & carry-on approved for your travel holidays or exercise workout sessions. Carry all your bathroom essentials in 2 hassle-free compact & smart bottles.

An integrated power ring that charges 7 devices concurrently & works in 189 countries. Fits 5 power plugs + 2 USBs (fast charge) & is space saving as the World’s First Travel Power Strip Adapter. With our design and printing capabilities as a corporate gift supplier in Singapore, the Mogics Power Bagel is a top choice for personalized corporate gifts.