BOW: The Bold Company – Making Gear to Propel You Forward

BOW is about being bold. We are here to challenge limits to get more out of life. Many a time, that involves checking off many activities in a day. Hence, all of our products are intentionally designed to fulfil this go-getter lifestyle.

quiver bags outdoor

WHY Bold?

Anything worthwhile has grit behind it. The tension in the bow is the tenacity that you must have to last through the journey. Just like how the energy from the bow is transferred to the flight of the arrow, we envision propelling you forward through our gear.

quiver skating

You are the arrow. Make your shot count. Just like how the Bow launches an arrow, we envision propelling you forward through our gear.

Quiver bag outdoor roller skating


BOW is all about bringing innovation to sports and travel gear. Our collection includes Quiver: an all-in-one versatile gym bag that fits all your daily necessities in a sleek and compact day bag suitable for travel, sports and work. Launched on Kickstarter, Quiver fits toiletries, shoes, clothes, laptop & more.

quiver bow bags


quiver shoes

  • Weather resistant zippers
  • Front-load main compartment for spacious storage and easy access
  • Flatlay opening for full view of main compartment
  • Ventilated shoe compartment (fits up to men’s size 13 shoes)
  • Quick access front pocket for small valuables
  • Multiple dedicated compartments for toiletries and clothes
  • Touchscreen-sensitive compartment for phone usage

quiver logo on bag close up

  • Expandable water bottle pockets at both sides
  • Expandable water bottle
  • Removable chest strap for greater weight distribution
  • Secure card slot located in strap
  • RFID-blocking card slot on strap

Quiver bag flatlay

  • 3 Different carry styles: Grip it, sling it or backpack it
  • Back panel pass-through for luggage handles
  • What’s in the package: Quiver bag and one-piece regular strap
  • What’s in the package: Quiver X bag and 2 pieces of Original Strap.

Quiver bag lifestyle


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