CARD: Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone

CARD is a product brand from Aplustec. We are an international design group from Singapore, Netherlands and Taiwan. Chief designer Ack Lin specializes in consumer electronics and has more than 20 years of experience in industrial design. He has won many international design awards such as Germany’s Red-Dot Award “Best of Best” and Taiwan’s “Golden Pin Design Award” etc.

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The concept of “CARD” refers to not only the size of products, but also Compact And Revolutionary Design. We are dedicated to developing innovative designs in 3C products and bringing them to you worldwide.

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You have so many different chargers, for your phones (iPhone and Android), tablet, travel adapters, portable battery and more Type C devices coming up. BUT, you can’t throw away all of your old micro USB devices, and Apple just wouldn’t give up on their lightning connector. So, the question is, how many types of cables do you need for all of your devices?

The answer is 6. There are at least six essential cables that you need.

We have the solution! – The KableCARD integrates all the cables you use into a credit-card sized gadget. Its compact size fits in your wallet, purse, laptop and backpack. It is an organized and non-bulky way to keep all your cables on you.

kablecard 6 in 1

6-in-1 Interchangeable Cables with the KABLECARD

Regardless of its model, you will always have a charging cable for your smartphone or devices

  • Type A – Type C
  • Type A – Lightning
  • Type A – Micro
  • Type C – Type C
  • Type C – Lightning
  • Type C – Micro

Built-in Wireless Charging

But what about that phone you bought that supports wireless charging? KableCARD is designed with a wireless charge. When Kable CARD is plugged into a power source, it acts as a wireless charger for your device. With or without wire, it’s all up to you.

kablecard charging

Key Features of the Kablecard

  • Small and light, credit card size
  • 6-in-1 charging cable
  • SIM ejector pin
  • 2x nano-SIM safekeeping compartment
  • Memory card reader
  • Built-in wireless charger
  • Doubles up as a phone cradle with ambient lighting

kablecard ambient light

Kablecard phone stand


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