Two Pillars: Kitchen Products For The Eco-Friendly Home

FDA Approved Ultra-High Quality Silicone Lids. Perfect For Use on Any Shape & Size Containers, Bowls, Pyrex Dishes and Bakeware.

Key Features of Two Pillars Products

1. Any Shape & Size

UniLid is a one-size fits all storage lid. We use it everyday to store things like avocados, half drunken soda cans and simple leftovers.

2. Going Green

Plastic wrap is a major contributor to world pollution. Ditch those and go green with FDA and LFGB approved material on the UniLid. Helps Reduce Waste Caused by Foil, Plastic Lids, Plastic Wrap and Saran Wrap.

3. Food Tracking

With a rotating day-of-week dial, you can easily know when your leftovers expire or prepare meals for the week.

4. Safe for Use

Freezer, Oven and Microwave Safe. Dishwasher Safe. BPA-Free.

As Seen On TV

UniLid is a patent-pending storage lid that fits all shapes and sizes with a unique leftovers tracking feature. It replaces plastic wrap (plus the waste associated) and cleans up that messy lid drawer in your kitchen.


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