uHoo: The World’s Most Comprehensive Air Sensor that Provides Allergen and Toxin Alerts

Your First Step to Clean Air

Take health, safety, and comfort to a whole new level with the most advanced indoor air quality monitor.

Create a Healthy Home with uHoo

See the invisible. Take control of the air you breathe and track your progress towards a healthier home and a healthier you.

uHoo Virus Index Technology

Poor indoor air quality increases the risk of the coronavirus surviving and spreading in the air throughout your home and workplace.

Optimize Your Air to Maximize Your Life

Indoor air quality affects your overall health and well-being. Let uHoo measure and monitor your air quality for a healthier environment.

1. Better Sleep:

  • Let uHoo optimally manage your room’s temperature, humidity, and fresh air so you can get comfy under the sheets.

2. Less Allergies:

  • Know exactly what products and chemicals to avoid and prevent dust buildup before allergies and infections occur.

3. More Focus & Productivity:

  • uHoo ensures your environment is always comfortable, healthy, and safe so you can maximize focus, well-being and productivity.

Order a uHoo Indoor Air Sensor Today

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