Premium Drinking Bottles


At Quokka we are passionate about design but, above all, we want our products to always have great functionality. In an environment as dynamic as the one we live in, hydration needs are very different, depending on the activity and the time of day. To adapt to this diversity, we use different materials to offer the best solution in each case.


Tritan has great strength and durability, accompanied by crystal clear transparency and very lightweight. These properties mean that Tritan is now increasingly in demand by those who want to buy a new bottle.


The perfect point between design and quality can be found in stainless steel: resistant to corrosion and use abrasion, easy to clean and one of the best thermal insulators, maintaining the temperature of the liquid for longer. All this while maintaining a modern and sophisticated design!


Resistant, light and flexible. Perfect material for our most economical and sporty bottle range, without ever sacrificing design and functionality.


With the purchase of a Quokka bottle you are acquiring a totally unique piece of design.

All our bottles are patented and have undergone the necessary tests in order to offer you the highest quality standards and comply with the European regulations of their category. Because Quokka is much more than a bottle, it is design and quality for your life.